“Fantastic Four” – Review


With the amount of stories and rumors surrounding the possibly troubling production of Josh Trank’s “Fantastic Four” reboot, it is hard to pick which sides of the story to believe. Is this the case of an incompetent director who arrived on set high as a kite? Or is this a case of the studio meddling with the vision of what this director wanted to create?

We can point our fingers as long as we want, but whoever it is to blame, that still doesn’t lessen the fact that this movie falls flat on its face. Despite a tolerable opening two acts that presents some interesting ideas that can bring these characters to the big screen in a creative way, the overall execution fails on so many levels.

Our cast full of talented performers do a serviceable job with the minimalistic material that they were given, but there is little chemistry to be seen. In fact, there’s more chemistry between the cast in their press interviews and also on Twitter.

But it is within the film’s so-called third act where yet again, an iconic villain is misrepresented, leading to a shoehorned climax that soon transitions to an unbelievably abrupt ending.

I can’t help but feel sorry for the cast and crew for the making of this film. We live in a comic book movie renaissance that was kicked off in the Summer of 2008 when films like “Iron Man” and “The Dark Knight” showcased for us what these films can truly be, and to see “Fantastic Four” fall to this low of a level especially considering the incredible talent behind this poses one of the most frustrating movie-going experiences in recent memory.

Final Grade: (3.5/10)