Official Rating System

After much thought recently, I have decided to change up my official rating system on movies. Because of a realization that sometimes I seem a bit too lenient on many film ratings, I’ll finally put an end to that thought once and for all and give you an insight on what a grade from 0/5-5/5 may symbolize in terms of my thoughts on a movie.

0/5: This movie is an abomination. The fact that any filmmaker was given money or a camera to create such a disgrace to the beautiful art of film proves the unfortunate realities of Hollywood nowadays.


0 ouf of 5

0.5/5-1.5/5: These ratings all define the same hatred for a film, but will vary among these numbers based on level of dislike as well as minor pros a film of this caliber may have. These ratings can also apply to the “so bad it’s good” type of films.


1 out of 5


2/5-2.5/5: Again, varies depends on feelings towards a movie, but these grades usually represent a film that has a somewhat solid balance of both pros and cons, definitely leaning more towards the latter. Not necessarily awful films, but not good ones either.


2 out of 5

3/5-3.5/5: Films that fall into these ratings usually tend to have some form of entertainment factor to them. They may have a level of pros that just barely topples over their cons.3′s would signify that a film is just on the highest positive of mediocrity, or are passable films in terms of actual quality, but remain forgettable when looking in retrospect.3.5′s definitely have some weight over the 3′s because it shows that while a film may not be of top quality, it’s at least watchable and a viable way to pass some time. 3.5′s also lean more towards a more “entertaining” film then what 3′s can have.


3 out of 5

4/5-4.5/5: Now this is where a film can finally reach a level that is a legitimate “good film.” Possibly reaching a level of greatness. 4′s represent a film that has little flaws to nitpick and are usually films that achieve its purpose to which I truly feel positive about. 4.5′s are definitely on that level of “greatness.” They signify whether or not a film is a must to see in the theatre and have the most minor flaws and to which the films have so much pros that it is definitely something worthwhile to see.


4 out of 5


5/5: In some reviews in the future, you may be wondering what I think truly makes a5/5 worthy film. Well, even if I love a film that reaches 4-4.5/5, there are still some very minor flaws within the film that it keeps it away from this rating. 5/5 represents a film that I hold up to the standard of being flawless. A kind of movie that I can hold up to be as pure artistry in filmmaking, or just based off of my absolute adoration or entertainment factor for said movie. A film that not only do I hold up to the high standard, but also one that may pose as the most meaningful to myself.


5 out of 5

Again, these ratings apply to my own personal opinion. Which means you are entitled to your own opinion as well. That’s the beauty of art, or in these terms, cinema. It’s all subjective and all that matters is what you take out of it.

To quote the late great Roger Ebert, “I’ll see you at the movies…”


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